Trio Českého rozhlasu was founded exclusively by members of the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra directly from the Czech radio station, for whom the regular perform and record. Not only, that the Trio is extremely busy with private and public performances across the Czech republic, but they are also receiving successful reviews abroad, in countries, such as Japan, Germany,  Austria etc. Their patron, Český rozhlas, is ever so proud to present Trio as their chamber ensemble, with unconventional and modern interpretation that has undoubtedly positive effect on the popularity of Czech music at home and overseas. Members of this ensemble are Lukáš Pavlíček – oboe, Lukáš Dittrich – clarinet and Libor Soukal – Bassoon.




Making of…(Photoshoot of R-Trio)

Ennio Morricone – Gabriel’s oboe

Tomás Ille – The proverb of Solomon

Ervín Schulhoff – Divertissement: Finale